Ready to book a Live or Virtual Private Dreamwall Workshop for your team, company, or organization? Your Dreamwall Workshops are the new era of creating vision boards which are designed to create a safe, fun, interactive and the ultimate motivator for your audience with ages 8+ and up. 


     Your Dream has unique styles of workshops with one in particular of team building. How would better teamwork affect productivity in your organization? The Dreamwall Team Building Workshop provides a unique opportunity to quickly and objectively create positive vision as a team. Each of our workshops, experiences, and retreats can be tailored to meet our client’s needs. In addition to considering organizational goals, culture, size, and industry.


 Pros for Booking us:

-Demonstrates the need to increase commitment to team building and team development.

-Establishes a Constructive, team-oriented atmosphere in the workplace, at conferences or workshops, and in classrooms or training programs.

-Serves as a platform for team-building initiatives designed to strengthen members' rational and interpersonal problem-solving skills.

-Included in Our Dreamboard Workshops 

-60-90 minutes in length of motivation and empowerment 

-4 Colored Cardstock Paper (12x12)

-25 Dreamcards (pick theme)

-Glue Sticks 



And Many More!

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