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YOUR DREAM-BOX: was created to empower one with daily motivational vision such as gratitude, wisdom, joy, inspiration, and best of all scripture to nurture our Spiritual Journey.


What’s Included:

  • Personalized silver or gold Dream box
  • 1 Faith- filled Notepad
  • 2 Quote Journal Pages
  • 3 Motivational Stickers
  • 4 Custom Dream Cards
  • 28 Daily Inspirational Gold Cards


In each Dreambox holds our infamous Gold cards that increase positive energy, daily motivation, encouragement, and giving one an impact on our everyday lives with massive gratitude. Kick off your morning and ending the night using these tools and begin to see your life shift to being more positive and focusing on the good. This DreamBox can be used for adults, teens, kids and even facilities to help encourage others. Also it can be used as thoughtful gifts for co-workers, family members or even a small gesture to new guests! Enjoy Your Dreamwall Dreambox!

    $30.00 Regular Price
    $25.50Sale Price