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Financial Overflow Collection, can play a massive part in changing your money story helping you get past your money blocks. Yet, we want to reiterate they are a part of it, not the whole thing. You need to…

  • Acknowledge your money mindset, are you focused on scarcity or that of abundance?
  • Affirmations are a part of manifestation and the law of attraction. Use them together, along with actionable hard work and dedication!
  • Plan to win with money! You need to set the proper stage and get your props ready!
  • Ready to Create Your Dreamwall Kit - actionable financial goals?!?!


What is a Dreamboard Kit?

  • A “Dreamboard Kit” is the new era of vision boards, which consists of carefully curated, quotes, scripture, intentional questions, fill in the blanks and themed affirmations filled with positivity that best represents the beauty in you. These Kits are essential for anyone who is looking to make a difference in the world and live with purpose.
  • The 3 color boards are fun and aesthetically pleasing VERSUS your traditional board filled with random magazine cutouts.
  • We have designed these 24 elegant affirmation cards that also consists of beautiful backgrounds of patterns, color, scenery, floral, and more that you can stick onto your Dreamboard, your mirror, fridge, keep in your handbag... Anywhere you like!
  • Once finished, this Dreamboard will be your Manifesting Magnet and will inspire you to take action daily.


  • Our Dreamboard Kit includes:
  • 3 Colored Cardstock Paper (12x12)
  • 24 Dreamcards (pick a theme)
  • Glue Sticks (1x)


So don’t just vision board, Dreamboard with us, and let's get you started.

Financial Overflow

$59.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
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