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Crystal A., Life Coach

Your Dreamwall is everything you didn't know you needed and more. Marcela's take on what a vision board can look like is beautiful, inspiring and so powerfully packed. Beyond that, the service she provides through vision and affirmation work emotes power we can all embody and benefit from. So, so grateful for the opportunity and discovery of Your Dreamwall.


Jennifer A., Nurse

Your Dreamwall has allowed the thoughts I have of myself to change in such a way that even when I look at a picture of myself I am automatically speaking affirmative words and life into myself! Your Dreamwall has helped me build a foundation of self-confidence and self-validation. I'll forever feel gratitude for having the gift and the opportunity to work with Your Dreamwall!


Celina A., Nonprofit Founder

I absolutely love the Women Empowerment Dreamwall board I received during Women's History Month! The inspirational messages on each card were so uplifting and thoughtfully selected.

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